Bluecherry is now completely open source! (GPL licensed)

Big changes are here! In 2010 we released our multi-port MPEG4 video capture card with an open source driver (solo6x10) and in 2011 updated the driver to support our multi-port H.264 capture cards.Later, this open source driver was later added

[Client] 2.1.7 released

This is a maintenance release for 2.1 series of the client.  This release now allows you to select between RTSP and MJPEG streaming.  MJPEG will use more bandwidth and be more CPU intensive, but may work better on certain networks.

Bluecherry – Open source high resolution IP camera update

Over the past several months we’ve been exploring adding our own line of completely open source IP cameras (everything from the boot loader to the backend services).  We’ve decided on the specifications for the hardware, which is below.  In the

Bluecherry releases its cross platform video surveillance client open source (GPLv2)

  Febuary 7th, 2013 (Fulton, Missouri) – Bluecherry, a leader in Linux based video surveillance, is proud to announce the release of its cross platform client software under a GPLv2 license.  This software is written in Qt / C++ and