Bluecherry – Open source high resolution IP camera update

Over the past several months we’ve been exploring adding our own line of completely open source IP cameras (everything from the boot loader to the backend services).  We’ve decided on the specifications for the hardware, which is below.  In the

[Server] Bleeding edge server versions available for download

Several customers have asked to try the latest bleeding edge version of the server.  We’ve been working hard on a 2.1.0 release.  We’ve optimized the code used to connect and stream from IP cameras which fixes several issues, including a

Project Awesome released!

We are proud to release “Project Awesome” today.   Project Awesome is a huge shift from how video has been transmitted to the client in the past.  Since the first beta of Version 2, the video has been sent via

[Server] Version 2 beta 9.5 released

This is part of the “Project Awesome” release.  A new server port (7002) will need to be forwarded if you plan to connect to your Bluecherry installation remotely.  If you encounter any issues with this release, please post a comment

[Server] Version 2 beta 9.4 released

This releases moves the server build expiration date to March 29th, 2012, and resolves bugs with multiple storage partitions and solo6x10 detection. We’re working on big improvements to live streaming, code named “Awesome”.  This will improve quality, reduce bandwidth usage