[Server Unstable] 2.3.5 released

This unstable release is the bleeding edge of development.  Some of the things listed below may not work, or may require database changes as the web hooks haven’t been added yet. The following enhancements have been added to the server but

[Server] 2.2.2 released

This release fixes an issue for customers that had special characters in their mysql passwords (%, &, !, etc) where the upgrade would fail.  This release also updates some Axis IP cameras paths and updates some (aging) IP manufacturer templates.

[Server] 2.2.0 released / MJPEG streaming support!

This release focuses on increasing the stability of the server.  We’ve also taken several steps to make upgrades painless in the future.  From now on you will not be prompted for the mysql administrator (root) password and everything will be

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Over the past several months we’ve focused on stabilizing the server application and resolving some client RTP problems.  We’ve also been working on adding several requested features to the server, including: MJPEG recording (Support for cheaper cameras that do not

[Server] 2.1.9 released

NOTE:  Database changes are required for this upgrade.  During the upgrade process you will be prompted for your root mysql password. The instructions for doing this are the same as the 2.1.7 upgrade, you can review those instructions here. Once