[Client] Version 2 beta 6 released

Version 2.0-beta6 of the client has been released. You can download the client from www.bluecherrydvr.com/downloads

Beta 6 features long-awaited improvements to video playback, including seeking, fast-forward, slow motion, and better performance. Seeking is possible even in videos that have not fully downloaded to the client. Other improvements include a server setup wizard, and better stretching behavior for live video. Further improvements to video playback and live view will be coming soon.

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #347: Setup / configure first run of client software
  • Feature #446: Client: Support seeking of events during playback
  • Feature #544: Showing ‘Downloading’ or ‘Buffering’ when client plays an event
  • Feature #721: Flexible but bounded aspect ratio for live view
  • Feature #729: Build and bundle qjpeg-turbo on Linux

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • Bug #673: UI lag when buffering large event videos
  • Bug #726: Live views opened as fullscreen should exit, not become windows
  • Bug #730: Ampersand in PTZ preset names does not appear in the menu
  • Bug #734: PTZ ‘Update Preset’ does not work
  • Bug #765: Live feed does not work for certain IP cameras
  • Bug #857: Events can not be played back when using beta 7 (server)
  • Bug #858: full screen doesn’t work with openGL enabled
  • Bug #867: Crash when right clicking on event playback without a video