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Over the past several months we’ve focused on stabilizing the server application and resolving some client RTP problems.  We’ve also been working on adding several requested features to the server, including: MJPEG recording (Support for cheaper cameras that do not

Bluecherry – Open source high resolution IP camera update

Over the past several months we’ve been exploring adding our own line of completely open source IP cameras (everything from the boot loader to the backend services).  We’ve decided on the specifications for the hardware, which is below.  In the

[Driver] 2.4.5 released

This release resolves issues on newer Ubuntu 12.04.x installations where the solo6x10 module is already in the kernel staging directory so a conflict occurs when installing the module from our sources.  For now on, the module name will be solo6x10-edge

[Server] Bleeding edge server versions available for download

Several customers have asked to try the latest bleeding edge version of the server.  We’ve been working hard on a 2.1.0 release.  We’ve optimized the code used to connect and stream from IP cameras which fixes several issues, including a

Bluecherry releases its cross platform video surveillance client open source (GPLv2)

  Febuary 7th, 2013 (Fulton, Missouri) – Bluecherry, a leader in Linux based video surveillance, is proud to announce the release of its cross platform client software under a GPLv2 license.  This software is written in Qt / C++ and